10 Things I Am Just Starting to Recognize Fully...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hi friends!  I am sorry about the delay in writing but I have been dealing with many things right now. Too many balls are up in the air so to speak.  This sounds super clique but as I am getting older I am realizing (33 if you are wondering) that I have a lot of crap I need to get back in order or together.  Some of the following things I am sure others think or feel so I felt it appropriate to share because maybe I am not the only one thinking these things...

1. Living a Healthy Life Style is a Daily Struggle
I have been trying for many years to eat, as people call it now, clean.  Clean eating I think is one of the most important parts of keeping your body healthy.  Eating foods that you do not know how to pronounce or drinking nasty sugar filled sodas, juices and even alcohol.  I have tried to live this idea the very first time I heard a very smart chef once say "If you can't read the label, don't eat it!"  Jamie Oliver inspired me that day to be better about what I put in my body before I even knew what clean eating was.  But the reality is I live in a 5 person household (2 of them teens) and it is pricey and next to impossible for me to feed everyone with all natural or organic items.  I buy amazing dinners but I lack every where else.  I am trying to be better but it is a daily struggle because we are living on a very, very tight budget and sometimes we just can't afford it.  Then I read a stupid meme and it made me recognize fully that I am making excuses and I need to worry about our health now and not have to pay for it later.

2. Metro PCS SUCKS!
Wow, that feels good to say! I hate the service, I hate the phones they have and the customer service in store is just awful. Switching ASAP!

3. Sometimes I Just Don't Need to Say Anything
I tend to open my mouth a lot (as I am sure you can tell from some of my posts) and at times it gets me into more trouble than I was thinking it would.  I am a know it all and when I have decided something it is really hard to change my thoughts and opinions.  So on this note I have fully recognized that I need to just shut up sometimes.  Sometimes I just need to shake my head and pretend that I agree or that I understand.  I would get into less trouble.

4. I Am A Good Mom but I Want To Be A GREAT MOM!
I love my kiddos with all I got but at times I find that I am upset or annoyed but today's entitlement that most kids under 18 have.  I feel like some where in life something went horribly wrong and they think everyone owes them something.  Here is the thing... if I continue on this mentality I will only ever be a good mom.  To be a great mom, I have decided, is to set aside this thought (I mean heck they are a product of their environment) and remember that these are my kids and no matter what I would do anything and everything for them.  With that in mind I feel I can make better choices, teach better lessons and help them to be amazing adults one day.

5. Date Night Can Be Over Rated
I am a firm believer in the idea and concept behind date.  But to me, the homebody, I think it is over rated.  I work all day to come home and clean and cook and hang out with the fam, who has time.  I can make time but then I think I am taking away from my family.  Plus when we go out it is the same everytime.  I would much rather sit at home conversing with the people I really love and watching a movie or catching up on some shows.  OH and I save money.

6. I Love My Job But...
I really do love my job.  I am a kindergarten teacher and it really is amazing.  Here is the thing, as I have been getting older I realize that I really wanted to be a meteorologist.  I love weather.  Everything about weather rocks!  I think the idea o being able to predict what is going to happen is amazing.  I think tornado chasers are awesome!  I think that meteorologist are astounding.  I just am in awe and wish I could have done that too.

7. My Co-Workers Secretly Dislike Me...
Okay really I think that we are all good friends but I am pretty sure that this year they may not like me as a co-worker.  I need to step up my at work game and prove to them I am better than they think or maybe really I need to prove it to myself so I can just stop feeling like they dislike me as a co-worker.

8. Chores and I Have Love Hate Relationship
I love vacuuming, dusting, cleaning counters or making my bed, but when it comes to things like dishes, cleaning the tub and folding the laundry I am lazy and just do not want to.  I could clean all day long if it did not include those 3 things.  So I want to clean up more but I just can't and I just won't.  Hehehe.

9. I Will Never Be Rich
And that's okay.  I have realized that I don't care what happens in life as long as I am with Boyfriend and have my kids I am blessed.  I have struggled to try and see the light at the end of the tunnel so many times that I give up.  When the kids are older and move out we can start to really be financially stable and steady.  Until then we will just keep on truckn'. 

10. This Blog May Never Get Off the Ground
I love the idea of this blog and I know that some of you do too (which I appreciate) but here is the thing.  I suffer from sever anxiety.  So much it can be debilitating.  I am working through it but during rough times I may not be around.  I am going to continue this, not as a place to make profit but as a safe place to voice thoughts and opinions.  So if this blog never gets big, that's okay.  I am just glad that get the opportunity to even have this blog and will do my best to keep up with it.

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