Happy Anniversary Babe!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I have been wanting to post this for a bit but have been just completely swamped with life!  
This past week was my boyfriend and my's anniversary.  We have been together what seems like forever and each year just gets better and we just get closer and closer.  I love him with all my heart!

This year we do not have a bunch of money or really any money to get each other something but because we don't like spending money for things we want throughout the year this is one of those times we just buy what we can so that the other knows we are thinking about them and how special they are to us.  Though on a side note we decided that this was the last time we were going to buy individual presents for each other and have decided to buy something for the both of us next time.  Something we can work on together or do together and what not.  

This year I went super simple but still a bit crafty (which I like to do every anniversary).  I made boyfriend a cute bag to hold all of his stuff into.

I found this on Pinterest (of course, hehehe) which lead me to a cool crafting site called  Craftriver.  It was super simple to make and fill up!  I just used a sharpie marker so that the words and the hearts popped, stapled it to the bag, added some of his favorite things and then tied it with string.
Some of the things I put in there were Twinkies, beef jerky and his favorite beer (Stella).

As for what he got me... I feel like that was a bit more excited!
I got home and found him working out back making my present.  He didn't want me to peak so I went creeper and looked through the window.

I still couldn't see but I had a guess because in my bedroom he had left the most vibrant and aromatic flowers I had ever seen or smelled!

The above picture does not even do them justice so I had to take close ups.  Below is one of the better ones.  They are African Daisies and they are suppose to attract butterflies!  

As the evening drew I knew he was building me a planter for these fabulous flowers!
I want to show you all a picture of the flowers in the planter but it is not completely set up yet, so I guess this is a teaser about what it will look like!  But I will hint...  It is huge and it not only holds my flowers but my daughter's wild flowers and there is space for the herb garden that I am going to plant!

Back to the post at hand...
Our anniversary was amazing!  Oh and I forgot to mention that he also got me an adult coloring book (because I am a big kid at heart) and come coconut oil.  The coconut oil is so that I can start oil pulling!  I will post about that here in the future too so stayed for that.  All in all this was a great day and at the end of it I am just blessed to have such a wonderful partner in this life.

I will leave you with one more picture of these cool but simple gifts!

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