10 Things My Dog Can't Live Without

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This post was originally a joke with my boyfriend last night but then I was thinking about it and the things that my dog, Jax, clearly can not live without is super funny.  He is a character, I am sure like most dogs out there, but how distraught he gets over certain things in his life is just hilarious!  So, for this Sept Farms link up I am writing 10 things that my dog can not live without (or he may perish, hehehe).

1. Squeakies
There is not one plant, watering tube, hose, leash, floor, carpet, pillow... well you get the point, that Jax has devoured and tore apart most everything, but then there are his squeaky toys.  I bought one for him when we first brought him home (he is now 3) and he still has it.  He carries any squeaky we give him with finesse and grace.  

2. His Momma
He think that I am just the bees knees.  He is very protective of all our family members but he will even growl at boyfriend when me and boyfriend are wrestling around.

3. Pizza
Just the smell alone will have him running! He loves every part of this flavorful food.  He will dig through the trash late at night just to grab a piece of thrown out crust.  

4. Marrow Bones
This is a favorite for many dogs but this is the one treat that we have had to tell the kiddos they are not allowed to touch once we give him one because he will snap at you if you try to play with him while he chows down on this.  And yes, we do not give them to him often because of how grouchy he gets if you try and take it away.

5. Chow Mein From Ms. Saigon's
I was eating this as a leftover the other night and realized that this may be his new fav food.  We were trying to train him to go into his dog house that boyfriend made for him and I decided to give him a noodle as a treat for listening.  At that point there was no more training.  He only had eyes for the noodles.  Side note: Ms. Saigon's is one of our fav restaurants here in Tucson, if you have never tried them, they are amaze balls and you should check them out!

6. The Living Room Rug
We have a rug in our living room that Jax just adores.  I know this because every single time he comes in the house he runs to the carpet, throws himself onto it and starts scratching his back with it (legs in the air like he just does not care!).

7. Hikes
This dog can hike!  Desert hikes, no problem.  Mountain hikes, easy.  Long and treacherous hikes, simple!  Jax couple hike for days with no break and he would be golden as long as he has his favorite people with him, he is golden.

8. Car Rides
So he may love hikes but car rides are definitely his second fav!  He will just go in the car and ride around with us (like when we are looking around at yard sales) and he is completely content because he gets to hang with his fam and he gets to get out of the house.  Oh and sticking his head on my right shoulder while I drive is one of his favorite past times too! 

9. Beer
This one is a complete accident!  My boyfriend spends a lot of time in the back yard due to all his wood working projects and has spilled a few beers in the past three years for us to realize that Jax loves beer.  He loves it so much he will lick the floor until there is not one drop left and it sounds like his tongue is rubbing sand paper on the cement!

10. Spit
Also a very nasty one but something he just can't resist.  If any person spits (yes this is gross) on the ground in the backyard (and it is not in dirt) Jax will lick it up just like he does the beer.  I wonder what it is about the spit he likes because clearly the person spitting didn't like what it was, hence they spit.  So weird.

So that's it!  My loving dog and all his weird must haves.
What is something your dog can't live without?


  1. haahha I love this!! Great post :)

    1. Hehehe... Thank you :) He definitely has a big personality!