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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blogging is not a new concept.  I know that I have been blogging in some capacity for the past 9 years.  Finding the right thing to blog about is what makes blogging so trying though and why many people may give up.  Whether people blog to tell about their life, the newest trends, food, family, work, coupons, movies, shoes, books, or whatever... Finding a niche for people to look at your blog and keep looking at your blog is hard.
Making this blog I decided to throw out the care in blogging.  Do I want people to come to my blog and see what I have been up to and to give cool tips, OF COURSE! :)
But the thing is I am not going to worry about if you are the one that is going to keep coming back.  I am just excited that you came today and you will consider the option of coming back.

ANY WHO! Hehehehe
Maybe that was not the best way of starting this new blog, that I hope you will frequent often, but I wanted to keep things real because that is the person I am.
I am loud, opinionated and actively trying not to care what others think about me.  The first two don't work well with the last always but that is why I am here.
So thanks for joining me in this ride called blogging and I hope you have your seat belt buckled (and maybe your wearing a helmet) because it may be a bumpy ride! :)

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