The Spring Cleaning Blahs

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lets be honest NO ONE LIKES SPRING CLEANING... I am sorry but if you say that you do your lying to us (hehehe).  Unless your name is Danny Tanner, then I may believe that you love cleaning.
Either way, it has to be done and not like you think it should be.  There are so many things that need to be cleaned in your home that you may never have even thought of.  Have you ever thought about taking out and washing your window screens or how about vacuuming your refrigerator coils?  I know that I have fallen victim to thinking my house was spotless and it wasn't.
So my goal for the day is to create a massive list to help me remember all the things that I want to clean and need to clean.  In order to do that though I have enlisted the help of some of the blogs I love.  They have amazing lists, great tips and even printable items so you don't have to do any more work than you are already going to be doing cleaning.  They make it easier for me to get back out into the real world and not be shacked up in my house for days.  So here are some of my favs:

She shares a very detailed list of all the things around your house you may need to clean, replace or fix.  I love it because there are many things I forget about and will need to address in my own home.

She has 6 awesome printable's (FREE) that can help you in your check-listing world

I love this one because it gives you amazing ways to work with baking soda as a cleaner.  

Love this because it really gives a good detailed explanation on how to clean your carpets.

So whether your a big time cleaner or a little one (like me) there is help out there to get you on the right track!  

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