Oh Hey Friday!

Friday, March 25, 2016

September Farms is just an awesome blog that I love.  She comes up with the best ideas and one is her Hey Friday link up.  
This is my first one but I am sure it won't be my last.  Here are my 5 for Friday, things I thought about this week :)

5 Things I Thought About this Week:

1. Blogging Ideas
So I am trying to think up so good ideas to get more traffic here on my blog.  I think I have had a good start but would like to see more (doesn't everyone, hehehe). So I think I am going to add some reviews and more lists (I love a good list).  Also you will be seeing some crafty things, as I love to craft.  Don't worry, I am going to stick to my main Tucson theme but since it is the end of the school year I am not going to many new places because of the busy rush I am in to complete everything at work and at home.

2. I Should Own Stock in Starbucks
I love me a good cup of joe and after years of trying to pretend like I can deal with any old coffee I have come to terms that Starbucks is the one for me.  I can't help it.  My pallet just does not want anything else.  I can make my own at home and be fine but if I am out and about no other coffee will do.  It just stinks because by this time, with all the coffee I have bought, I could own a Starbucks!

3. Easter Just Came Up too Quick!
I don't know about you but I am not ready for Easter at all this weekend!  Luckily I don't have to worry about Easter lunch or anything because we are going to my moms but I have 4 kiddos that need to make sure they get their Easter baskets and I just plum forgot to call the Easter bunny!  I must get on this right away and make sure that their will be Easter festivities this weekend!

4. Healthy Living
I have done every possible diet you can think of and I still am not down to my weight.  To the defense of the diets, I can never hold to a diet for long periods of time but I do know the one that works the best.  What that means is no sugar, no processed foods, no yucky things you can't read on a label, etc.  I am talking about the clean eating kick (or just real eating as I like to call it) that everyone seems to be on now.  It really does work.  Did you know that what you eat is like 80% of your dieting issues.  Only 20% is the exercise.  So if you ate really well all you would have to do is really work out to firm up and lose the little extra in place you don't want.  I am going to start again with the hard core healthy living after this weekend.  I have been baby stepping it back this week but it will be in full swing next week.

5. Not Broadcasting My Blog to Friends
Okay back to my blog (sorry) because I have also been thinking about how I have not really told any of my real life friends (no offense internet friends) about my blog.  I am a little nervous to because I don't want any of them to think I am copying their blog or blogging ideas.  I know that I am not doing this (as none of their blogs are like mine) but it still worries me because I care about what they think, even though  I am a tough cookie who doesn't care what anyone thinks. *wink*
I think I am going to tell them this next week though.  It will probably help my first thought from this post because they can help promote or at the very least come and check it out. 

Anywho... Thanks for visiting and checking out my post :)

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