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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I decided to link up with September Farm for 10 on Tucson with a list of places that I like visiting around Tucson.  
I have lived here in Tucson for many years.  It totals about 20+ years. I have gone to many places, seen many things and eaten many flavorful yummies.  Today's list is going to focus on places I have been though and why I liked them.  Some are fam favs others are just places I adore. None are in order of fav to least fav, I just kind of through them together. 
Hopefully, I can help you find your new favorite place. 

1. Madera Canyon
I know I said I was't listing in favorite orders but this one is by far my favorite place.  It is so peaceful and the variety of hiking trails is amazing.  This is located closer to Green Valley.  It has a gift shop area, cabins for rent, desert and foresty hiking trails and if you are lucky maybe you can find the waterfall near Proctor Rd.

2. Old Town Artisans Galleries
This is a great find in the downtown area. Located near the Tucson Museum of Art you will find many little treasures from antiques to sculptures, from wine to dream catchers.  They have a little bit of everything here and kids love to look at all the trinkets!

3. Kitt Peak Observatory
This place is pretty awesome whether you go there during the day for one of their self guided tours or at night with one of their reservation only tours (which lets you look through one of their huge telescopes!).  The kids will even think it is pretty neat!  You will be able to to see different telescopes including a solar one and there is a museum area that tell you all about what they do.  Did you know that Tucson uses special lights so the city is not that bright and doesn't bother the observatory?  Phoenix lights actually are more bothersome at times!  I learned that on one of the tours!

4. 4th Avenue
I love just walking up and down 4th looking at all the little shops.  Most of the shops and restaurants down 4th are locally owned.  Some of my favs is Rustic Candle and Creations Boutique.  They also have many cool vintage shops!  They also have a huge spring and fall street fair that you should definitely check out.

5. Mt. Lemmon (really the Cookie Cabin)
This is our little oasis from the desert.  Mt. Lemmon is a great place any time of the year because there are hiking trails, picnic areas, a ski lodge, a little town with artisan shops and the COOKIE CABIN.  So I guess I should tell you this spot is really reserved for the amasing cookies, chili and pizza that they serve at the Cookie Cabin on the mountain.  They are a little pricey but everything is scratch made and yummy!  Totally worth it because of the portion sizes too.  For example a cookie is the size of a paper plate!  Love me some cookies :)

6. Tumamoc Hill
Looking for a good workout/ hike?  This is a great spot!  It is an up hill battle (literally).  This hike is paved and goes up in a switch back zig zag to the top of the mountain behind A Mountain.  I like it because when you reach the top the accomplishment you feel is awesome and the view isn't too bad either!

7. Titan Missile Museum
This one is a little out of place with all the hiking places and arts type things going on on this list but it is a must see for anything who likes a little bit of history.  You go on a guided tour of one of the last missile silo's, from the cold war era, in the United States.  You get to see the old school control panels and the missile silo too. 

8. Sus Picnic Area
This one you may not have heard of.  This is a picnic area in the Saguaro National Monument off of Kinney Rd.  This may seem silly but I like it because of the geology.  The geology is so different there it can be seen while you walk up a hill.  They say this is due to water (lake type water) use to be in the area during the time of the mountains forming leaving many different types of rocks.  I also like it because in the 30's CCC workers came in there and not only built the picnic area but built damns in the wash (which you can still see) that didn't work they way they wanted them too.  The area is beautiful and rich with history.

9. Hotel Congress
Now this place is a happening bar/ night club on some nights but the part I like about the hotel is not that scene.  What I like is the history and the look/ feel of the hotel.  A bit creepy and definitely vintage looking is what you will find as you walk up the stairs to the second floor.  I don't know if you are actually allowed to just walk around in there but because I am noisy and don't follow the rules I just did it.  I personally have never stayed there but just walking around the place makes me want to!

10. Sonoran Desert Museum
So you are not a get up and go out into the middle of the desert to see all the wild life kind of a person but you don't want to miss out seeing it either.  Then this is a good place for you!  I love this place because it feels like you are hiking while staying in a semi safe environment to roam and see all that the Sonoran Desert has to offer.  It is a one of a kind zoo environment.  You will only find animals that you find int he Sonoran Desert here, such as; coyote, javalina, mountain lions, big horned sheep and so much more.  They even do free flight demonstrations (I saw a raven and an owl when I was there).  The kids will love it too!

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